Suggested Hunting Gear ListSuggested Gear List

  • Weapon and ammunition
  • Bow Sling for archery hunters
  • Binoculars
  • Sun glasses
  • Towel & wash rag
  • Game bags
  • Knife & Sharpener (Drop Camp & Economy Hunters)
  • Hunter orange vest & hat (rifle and muzzle loading hunters)
  • Small first aid kit with water proof matches or lighter (Drop Camp & Economy Hunters)
  • Medications, pain reliever
  • Compass and/or GPS (Drop Camp & Economy Hunters)
  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • Camera and film
  • Backpack with 2 liter water bladder
  • Scent eliminator
  • Baby wipes/body wipes
  • Sleeping bag (I recommend at least a zero degree bag even during Archery season)
  • Small pillow
  • Camp slippers
  • Quality rain/snow gear
  • Two pair of comfortable hiking/hunting boots or shoes
  • Good quality socks

I recommend dressing in layers with a base layer that is a wicking type; it is often cold in the morning and warms up as the day progresses. Think about the month you are hunting in. September low 30’s high 70’s, October low 20’s high 60’s, November low teen’s high 40’s. These are averages and there can be extremes lows or highs in any month, likely with rain in September and snow in October and November.

Please pack a maximum of one 14” x 14” x  30” duffle bag (I recommend a water proof one) weighing no more than 60 lbs. for each person. You will carry your firearm with you in a scabbard on your horse. You will wear your back pack on the ride in. You may bring your sleeping bag in a separate duffle but we will remove it and put it in a top pack for the trip in. You may want to bring a garbage bag to put it in in case of rain. We use 2 pack horses for a group of 4 hunters, the only exception to this is if you are going to a drop camp, in that case we use 3 but remember that the 3rd horse is for your food. Food going to Drop Camp must fit in two 48 quart coolers and way no more than 70 lbs. each (NO EXCEPTIONS). If you are on an Economy, Semi-Guided, or Fully Guided hunt you will not need to bring any food, there will be a variety of snacks and food of all kinds and more than can be eaten I promise. If there is a certain kind of snack you like let me know we probable already have it but if not I will try to make sure we do.

If you cannot get all your gear in your duffle and back pack you have too many clothes. My help and myself use a bag this size and stay in for over a week and have plenty of clothes.