About Your Outfitter & Guide

Hi my name is Glen and I am the owner of Strawberry Creek Outfitters. Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I am a hunter that happens to own an Outfitting business. What does that mean? That means I am not taking you on a camping trip, a horseback ride, or site seeing in the wilderness, I am taking you hunting! Of course you get all the other stuff too. I am an avid archery hunter and like getting up close and personal with the game we are chasing, especially Elk. I have called in and arrowed a 4x5 bull at 8 yards - not the biggest Bull I have ever taken, but definitely one of the most memorable. Let us take you on an archery elk hunt during the rut that you will remember for a life time. Not an archery hunter? The Muzzle Loader season is during the rut in September. And you Rifle hunters, well, we will get you within range too.

Give me a call anytime. If there is one thing I like to talk about, it's hunt'n!